Our blog focuses on the history of music and how it’s been used as a force of resistance, or to connect with current issues in society. We’ve analyzed each era of music over the years, and compared each decade to the current music of our society. Together, we focus on three different aspects of music: content, image, and marketing. Emily focuses on how artists’ images have shifted over the years. Throughout her posts, she analyzes popular artists from each decade and how their appearance influences society. Melissa focuses on the shift in music marketing, and the shift in the ways we’ve accessed our music throughout the years. Catherine focuses on the overall content of music, and how lyrics and composition of popular songs have evolved from decade to decade, and how these changes reflect society and influence the youth generation. Through all our research, we have portrayed how music correlates with society and has an effect on the people living in it.

The Writers:


Catherine is a senior at UMass majoring in Sport Management and Communication.


Emily is a senior at UMass majoring in Communication.


Melissa is a senior at UMass majoring in Communication.


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